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Winter on the Edge – Glacier National Park – East Glacier Park, Montana

Winter on the eastern edge of Glacier National Park, in the small town of East Glacier Park, Montana, is known mainly to the few people that make this place their home, and a few travelers. Life in East Glacier Park is nothing like life in the more well known and often cited West Glacier (the headquarters of Glacier National Park). The wind blows more, it’s colder, winter lasts about two months longer, and there’s always more snow! That’s a good thing if you like snow.

deep snow, homes in east glacier park montana (Tony Bynum)

A dog sits in deep snow, in front of the Two Medicine Grill, along highway two in East Glacier Park Montana. © Tony Bynum

Recent study’s indicate that about two million people visit Glacier National Park, Montana each year. People from all over the world travel to Montana and Glacier National Park for vacations and many of them travel though East Glacier Park, Montana. When people come to Montana it changes them.

I hear stories all the time about people affected by their time spent in Glacier National Park and in East Glacier Park specifically. I talked to one person last year who was working as temporary employee for the National Park Service who said they love the place so much they decided to stay for the winter. I replied with a question, “Where are you from?” Most are not use to long, hard winters in deep snow and often don’t last long in East Glacier Park, particularity after spending one winter here.

The long winters are brutal on people who prefer warmer temperatures! There’s often snow in yards starting in September and finally melting in late May and sometimes into early June. I hope that some of you will recognize a few of the locations shown in the photographs and in the slideshow.

deep snow, homes in east glacier park montana (Tony Bynum)

Deep snow, piled up against the “East Glacier Park Motel” in East Glacier Park Montana © Tony Bynum


I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a long time. I’ve always wanted to share the sights of winter in East Glacier Park. I finally got it together and made it happen.

This post really is for those that love East Glacier Park, and Glacier National Park, but who only ever see it when it’s green and warm! Please enjoy the photographs and the slideshow with images of snow and ice in East Glacier Park, Montana. Please share a link to this post with anyone you think would be thrilled to see East Glacier Park in the winter, or those who you think don’t really know what snow looks like!

Have you ever been to Glacier National Park in the winter?

Stay warm out there!  Tony Bynum


10 Responses to “Winter on the Edge – Glacier National Park – East Glacier Park, Montana”

  1. Beth says:

    Hey Tony,

    Great photos! Making me homesick 🙂 So much snow this year I’m sure there will be plenty when we come home. Aloha!

    • Tony says:

      Thank you Beth. I hope you guys are having a good time on the island! Relatively typical winter here, but it’s fun to share it with people who know this place, or who have never seen it in the winter! Travel safe. Tony Bynum

  2. Joyce says:


    Your vivid and beautifully composed photos tell the story of winter in East Glacier. You captured the rawness and the soft peacefulness at the same time. I enjoyed getting absorbed by them. Thanks for sharing this lovely collection and keep taking pictures!

  3. Larry Stolte says:

    The grill is the best place to eat in the area … Tracey and I always stop. Their soups are outstanding.

    • Tony says:

      Hey Larry, yeah, we like the Two Med Grill too! But it’s hard to pass up Ramsey’s for a good steak and their specials are often very good! And I like beer on tap with my dinner! Thanks for stopping by and giving us the thumbs up on the #twomedicinegrill!

  4. Jo Wagner says:

    Great photos. I will share your site with the tourists who always ask,”How much snow do you get?” Thank you for taking them. May we post a link on our website to yours?

    • Tony says:

      Hi Jo, thank you for taking the time to comment, and to ask about posting a link on you site. The answer is, yes. You can post a link to the this blog post, or to my site . I hope you guys are getting those spoons cranked out @ #thespiralspoon! Stay warm and get that bbq fired up, it’s almost brisket season! Tony Bynum

  5. Everett Cox says:

    Yes indeed, lived there for 13 years (’75-’87), working with the Indian Health Service in Browning. Braved the road between the Park and hospital over that entire period. Enjoyed your post. Brings back memories.

    • Tony says:

      Thank you for commenting Everett! I’m sure you’d still recognize the place! Glad I could help you with reliving a bit of your past! Tony Bynum

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