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The Rockies Today Headline!

The Missoula Independent “Indy Blog” wrote a nice article about the Rocky Mountain Front Blackfeet Oil Drilling Documentation Project.   Its been exciting to see the word about this important project spread.  With thoughtful articles such as this we hope to build awareness and help people pay attention.  We at Tony Bynum Photography appreciate the time and effort of all those involved with making this sort of coverage happen.

An illustrated guide to oil drilling on the Blackfeet Reservation



The images that jump out the most show a drill pad located a half-mile from the new Browning High School, adjacent to residential homes and the Lodgepole Gallery and Tepee Village, and with Glacier National Park in the background. There’s an aerial shot that puts the proximity of the pad in perspective. Two on-the-ground photos put Glacier’s Summit and Littledog peaks firmly in the backdrop.

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