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Blackfeet Indian Reservation Oil Drilling

Blackfeet Indian Reservation Oil Drilling

“Philip Anschutz is drilling on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation outside of Glacier National Park. Tony Bynum is documenting it.”   Glacier National Park Travel Guide recently interviewed Tony about the oil drilling along the Rocky Mountain Front & Blackfeet Indian Reservation here. They posed these six questions to him:

  1. What is your experiencing photographing Glacier National Park and the surrounding area?
  2.  Why photograph the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and the oil drilling now? What about this specific project inspired you to begin?
  3.  What were/are your goals behind documenting the oil drilling on the Blackfeet reservation?
  4.  Is there opposition to the drilling in the community? Who is the opposition? Who are the proponents?
  5. Do you think there is any way for the drilling to be stopped? How much time do we have left to get the word out and prevent the spoiling of this landscape?
  6. And a bonus question: What’s your favorite hike in Glacier?

Visit Glacier National Park Travel Guide’s website to read his responses and explore the great resources they have to offer.