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Hungry Horse News – “Photographer’s eyes..”

Hungry Horse News - "Photographer’s eyes.."

Chris Peterson of Hungry Horse News interviewed Tony and another local businessman, Darrell Norman about the expanding oil infrastructure on the Blackfeet Indian reservation, the Rocky Mountain Front, and adjoining Glacier National Park.  His article speaks to the impact on local people as they anticipate inevitable changes.

Photographer’s eyes on reservation oil rigs

CHRIS PETERSON Hungry Horse News

In 2009, the first new oil exploration on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation began, just a few miles from Glacier National Park and the Rocky Mountain Front.

East Glacier photographer Tony Bynum was there to record the scene. Over the past two years, more well rigs have gone in, and roads have been carved across once vacant prairies.

Bynum continues to take his pictures. He charters flights to shoot the development from the air. He’s set up a Web site with an interactive map that shows well locations and photographs. To date, he’s spent about $15,000 of his own money on the project.

“The purpose is to give people a sense of the drilling and the proximity to Glacier National Park,” he said last week.

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The Rockies Today Headline!

The Rockies Today Headline!

The Missoula Independent “Indy Blog” wrote a nice article about the Rocky Mountain Front Blackfeet Oil Drilling Documentation Project.   Its been exciting to see the word about this important project spread.  With thoughtful articles such as this we hope to build awareness and help people pay attention.  We at Tony Bynum Photography appreciate the […]

Blackfeet Oil Documentation Project News

Blackfeet Oil Documentation Project News

On January 26th, The Great Falls Tribune interviewed Tony with the focus on the Rocky Mountain Front/Blackfeet Oil documentation project.  It is a “print only” report which means the story can be purchased for online viewers.  GF Tribune write, Karl Puckett wrote: Tony Bynum of East Glacier has photographed grizzly bears, elk and Glacier National Park. […]

Missoula Independent ~ Selling Montana

Tony was featured in this article by Alex Sakariassen of the Missoula Independent Two years ago, Montana photographer Tony Bynum found himself within a few hundred feet of a grizzly sow and her cub in a snowy gorge in Glacier National Park. He’d been out shooting mountain goats for the day, but naturally swung his […]