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Why we are Photographers – dedication, passion, purpose

We are photographers because it is who we are. I have run across few things that explain the details as well as Dave Black, Robert BeckGeorge Karbus do in this video by Cory Rich. If you are a photographer, you might not be able to get through this without sharing Dave’s reaction yourself. Don’t blame me, I warned you.

DEDICATED from Corey Rich on Vimeo.


Tony Bynum

Montana Photographer

One Response to “Why we are Photographers – dedication, passion, purpose”

  1. Robin Poole says:

    Very cool. Passion and practice are paramount to successful photos,. Just the way you’re gonna go out and win the big one, every thing else being equal, because you got more emotion than the other team.,and that produces the win. You need the emotion to take you thru the adversities of photography. And when you get that really fantastic pic, you got it because you had the same amount of emotion to overcome photography’s adversities that you had when you won that big one for the gipper. Let’s Go!!!! Robin

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