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North American Wildlife Model – Shane Mahoney nails it . . .

I just decided to make this video required for anyone that desires to ever go to the field with me. If you desire beauty and wildness in our world, you must take what Mr. Mahoney has to say to heart. You be the judge. Take a little time out of you busy schedule and listen to him for the sake of our outdoor world and the critters that live in it . . .


Tony Bynum

4 Responses to “North American Wildlife Model – Shane Mahoney nails it . . .”

  1. Thank you for sharing this talk. It is a humbling and great reminder of all that is most imporatant.

  2. Mac McMillen says:

    Thanks for sharing, Tony. I’m not a hunter (I choose to do my shooting with a camera) but understand that most hunters are just as passionate about wildlife and its preservation as I am. Those that exploit wildlife for their own selfish reasons (usually greed, i.e., poachers) are the the ones that this world can do without.


  3. Tony Bynum says:

    I agree, greed is pervasive . . . I believe we all can do a better job of helping to educate out neighbors on the issues of the day. I think we wind up with better results when we work together from a common understanding than we do when we are forced by rules . . . That said, sometimes rules are the only way to make change . . . Love this country we live it. It offers all the tools and talent we need, it’s figuring out how to properly manage what we have that’s the tough part!

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