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New Oil Drilling Video and Photographs from the Rocky Mountain Front

I’ve attached three new photographs of two drill rigs, the first two are the Red Blanket site on the Blackfeet Reservation, and third is a drill rig south of the Reservation and west of Bynum, Montana.  The short video is of the Red Blanket site near Star School, west of Browning, Montana, Glacier National Park is in the background.

Video – Red Blanket Drill Site

Red Blanket Well

Red Blanket Well 1

Red Blanket Well. Drill rig west of Browning, near Star School. Glacier National Park in the background, divide mountain far right. February 2012. © Tony Bynum, All Rights Reserved


Red Blanket well, west of Browning, Montana

Red Blanket Well, Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

Cloudy skies on the Blackfeet Reservation. Red Blanket oil well west of Browning, Montana. Glacier National Park background. February 2012 © Tony Bynum, All Rights Reserved


Rocky Mountain Front well, west of Bynum, Montana

drill rig along the rocky mountain front, montana

Oil drilling tower actively drilling a new well west of Bynum, Montana, along the Rocky Mountain Front. Taken with a long telephoto lens. The compression and mirage drastically degraded the image. March 2012 © Tony Bynum, All Rights Reserved

For a complete description of the larger project please visit, “Blackfeet oil project description.”  To view an interactive map of the oil drilling visit, “oil drilling map Rocky Mountain Front, Blackfeet Indian Reservation.”

4 Responses to “New Oil Drilling Video and Photographs from the Rocky Mountain Front”

  1. Na'toosakii says:

    Do we really want to destroy the habitat of the plants, animals, water, and life in general for money. Have we become so westernized that we forget the values of our ancestry? Our forefathers held out to what is going on with our lands now. Comments heard by one professional Blackfeet man, “I would rather die rich, then……” But really our Blackfeet men back in the day didn’t let material things override the best interest of the whole Band of Amskipiikunii. Our forfathers watched out for the future generation, that would be us now, Now are we going to end it for our future generations for materialistic objects?? Water is life which is more valuable than any amount of oil.

    • Tony says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and reflect on the past. Tony

    • Eric - Denver says:

      If done in a REAL respectful, centralized manner with minimal footprint and absolute minimized emissions, salt water treatment/recycling etc, is there a way to do this with the Mothers Blessing?

      I am a chemical engineer, born in Montana and its hard for me to work this career. I want to see a different approach than North Dakota in my home state. I want to see waterless fracking and centralized oil collection…thanks for any comment.


  2. Geoff says:

    I know it’s a play on words, but the Planet can do very well without us, mind you. We can frack oulerevss to oblivion, and Earth will go on minus humanity. It will probably be better off anyway. We should be fractivists for a very selfish, but understandable reason: we want to survive in a hospitable environment. Is that too much to ask for?

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