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Nature Photographs – 10 musts for consistently good Nature Photographs

If you want to consistently capture great nature photographs, the following rules apply. . .

1. Great Nature Photographs come from getting up early and/or staying late – not even Photoshop can make this rule go away;

2. you must use good technique and quality lenses;

3. great Nature Photographs mean you can’t be afraid of or dislike bugs;

4. you must be willing to travel, and sometimes all night;

5. you must be able to adjust to changing environmental conditions;

6. great Nature Photographs require that you sleep less;

7. you must sometimes come home with an experience, a sore body and tired legs;

8. you must be able to be disappointed – a lot!;

9. you must do some things that no one else will;

10. most of all, great nature photographs come when you are in the moment and having fun!

two mountain goats, billy on cliff (Tony Bynum/

This nature photograph is of two mountain goats, one bedded, one standing. It was a result of staying late, traveling log distances, hiking, and coming home with nothing 20 times before this.  ©

Do you have any “must’s” to add for great nature photographs?

Sincerely, Tony Bynum

4 Responses to “Nature Photographs – 10 musts for consistently good Nature Photographs”

  1. Tony – My past trip was 3 months. I can really relate to your “sleep” comment. The days up where you are get extremely short in the late Spring/early Summer and 5 hours of sleep just wasn’t enough. The shorter days of autumn are my preference, even though it gets colder and early winter storms are always a threat. Afternoon naps sometimes become necessary.

  2. cait says:

    I’m a city girl, just found myself living in the west for the first time. Lots to learn about the land and people. Really appreciate your perspective on the place and the work you do. Thanks!

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