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Montana based Photographer, Tony Bynum – “trails are for hikers, I’m an explorer!” Traveling the world creating images and telling stories.  406-226-9151 or, 406-450-8187.   P.O. Box 441, East Glacier Park, MT  59434.  Email: tony @ tonybynum dot com.

Montana Photographer, Tony Bynum Photographing Wild Bighorn Sheep. Photo by Shawn Mccully 

“In my opinion you are one of the best in the hunting, fishing, and outdoor industry and I tried to give your work the treatment it deserves.  I got to choose you to highlight.  You’ve always treated me well over the years and I’m a big believer in Karma and so I tried to make this as kick-ass as possible.” John Peterson – Diehard Creative 2016
“Tony Bynum, a Montana based photographer of wildlife and hunting related experiences, has one of the best Insta’s out there.” – Mark Kenyon, CEO and Founder of  November 19, 2015.   Lists @huntphotos aka Tony Bynum among the top instagram accounts to follow. Read the complete story “70 instagram accounts to follow. . . “ 2016

Jeff Parker:  “Tony, I am beyond impressed. In fact blown away that we once shared a few brews back in the day. You are beyond talented & this showcase is likely only possible because of your background. I know no one else who has the rich history of life experiences in the outdoors, and with wildlife, ranchers, cowboys, hunters, and Native Americans like you do. The fact that you have the artistic talent and knowledge to put all of that to good use is a bonus to any and all who are privileged to see your work. This should go viral and be a testament to your fine work. Kuddo’s my friend. Very very well done.”

“Tony,  I’ve been looking at your photos for some time now and found them inspiring to say the least.  For years I’ve been traveling the world studying and photographing.  It has been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot about lifestyles and history. . .   Having the itch and being inspired by photographers like yourself and Thomas Mangelsen I want to take it a step forward.” – Todd Yankauskas –

My legs felt like lead. My body ached after the prior days 9 hour slog on the back of a 1400 pound horse, across the untraveled BC wilderness. On this day, following a half day’s hike, nightfall fast approached. The rain pounded and I was 4 hours by horse and maybe twice that on foot, from our already remote camp. No food. I began prepping my “bed,” a small cave under a 500 foot limestone cliff. Tired and exhausted. I had a headlamp and fire to make light. I concentrated on an image – getting the photograph that would tell the story. The pain, hunger, remoteness, and cold be damned – I have to have the photo.

hunters stranded on the mountain after a hunt take refuge in cave

sheep hunters using a cave to spend the night one keeps the fire burning while the others get some much needed rest.

Montana photographer, Tony Bynum. Just take a look at these images for a sample. “I will create the perfect expression of your vision though crafting outdoor adventure, wildlife, nature, and conservation photographs people can trust.” That’s my promise!

Montana photographer, Tony Bynum will surpass you expectations whether it’s a commercial shoot, or a conservation photography project in a remote location, by creating the highest quality images available anywhere. It is my job to understand your needs. I’m not just a hired photographer, I’m real partner. My job is to help create the perfect expression of your vision. I put my energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise into capturing images that will make your print or online clients stop and say, “I have to have that,” or “that could be me.”

Tony is no  “Johnny-come-lately,” or the guy chasing the adventure and outdoor dream. Tony lives at 5000 feet in the rugged mountains of the Northern Rockies in Montana and truly lives the outdoor lifestyle. Tony has the skills and experience to capture photographs under extreme conditions. Tony continues to produce the best outdoor commercial, wildlife, and nature images for the hunting industry, backpack makers, snow sports equipment manufacturers, camping and boating equipment and state tourism industries. Tony’s experience gained though years of experience shooting around the world, his dedication to the outdoors and his unparalleled drive to capture unique, authentic photographs of people in the outdoors is what makes him the right choice for your company.

If you have a project or you want to discuss your photographic needs, contact me any time at, 406.226.9151, or 406.450.8187. I’m am available to travel to your location for assignments!

“I  promise to deliver a superior product. You won’t find better value anywhere. I have the experience, knowledge and access to spectacular western, mountain, and alpine settings, sprawling prairies and thick river bottoms – I know the environment and the land. By combining spectacular locations, in the heart of wild outdoor country where there always are dramatic landscapes and plenty of unique, unspoiled locations, with my knowledge and dedication to real, authentic outdoor activities and the best equipment and skills available anywhere, we can make an unbeatable team.”


Creating content excellence and real, authentic images for the traditional outdoor and adventure community, commercial outdoor product photography, stock photographs of north american big game, hunting and outdoor adventure photography, conservation photography, western lifestyle.

What People are Saying about Montana Photographer Tony

2015 podcast with Montana based Photographer Tony Bynum – photography, hunting, life – with the Rich Outdoors Podcast
2015 podcast with Montana based Photographer Tony Bynum – photography, hunting, life, business with Bowhunting Freedom Podcast

October 2013 Interview with Montana Photographer, Tony Bynum

March 2011 Interview with Montana Photographer, Tony Bynum

“I came home, opened the box, and hung the picture immediately. It is incredible, I will get my wife to take a pic and send it to you when she gets home.  We will tell everyone where to find you.  Thanks for the professional way you handles the situation, after my wife sees the image we might be in the market for something else. Thanks,”

– Vic Horn –

Hundreds of Tony’s images are published each year from cover images on the nation’s top outdoor and hunting magazines, to advertisements, tourism planners & brochures sent around the world, to t-shirts, calendars, greeting cards, and fine art.  Tony’s dedication to capturing that one image that will showcase the place, event, or product and his access to the most beautiful settings in North America make him a valuable asset to your production team.

Tony is a Montana based, adventure, conservationwildlifenatureoutdoor commercial photographer (East Glacier Park, Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation, USA). Tony photographs wild, free ranging animals in their natural habitat; there are no captive animal photographs in his archives. Tony covers North American big game wildlife photography including elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, grizzly and black bears, moose, mountain goats, ducks, landscapes, people and events.

He has a seasonal art gallery in East Glacier Park, Montana. Glacier Impressions is on Highway 49 in East Glacier Park, on the eastern edge of Glacier National Park, (right next to the silver spoon and the John L. Clarke Gallery) where his photographs are for sale as framed and matted art, and greeting cards.

Bynum’s images have appeared on the covers and in copy of many of the country’s major traditional outdoor recreation focused magazines, including Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Fair Chase, Texas Sporting Journal, Eastman’s Hunting, and Eastmans Bow hunting, Bugle, Bowhunt America, Montana Outdoors, Montana Magazine, Western Hunter, Western Horseman, and many more. Tony is the photo editor for Western Hunter, and Elk Hunter Magazine and In 2010 he was selected to produce commercial advertising images for the State Of Montana’s Office of Tourism. His images are currently display on buses, trains, billboards, windows, in locations across the USA.

His list of publication credits is extensive including other industry publications like, National Geographic for Kids, New York, Audubon, the Food Network Magazine, Popular Photography, Digital Photographer (UK), Delta Sky, Empire Builder and many, many more (complete list between 2010-2011).

Tony’s often hired to produce unique, compelling, thoughtful images to compliment editorial writing in magazines and books. He has worked or traveled to all of the lower 48 states, Mexico, and much of Canada, and writes regularly for several blogs, including his own, as well as publishes a regular article on photographer in Western Hunter Magazine.  He’s active on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Behance, and moderates and edits photography, outdoor activities and hunting forums on several very popular websites.

February 2011 interview with Tony Bynum.

Pick up the phone right away.  Call and talk directly to Tony about photography needs.  Even if you don’t have a particular assignment in mind yet are thinking about it, please contact him at his office, 406-226-9151 or 406-450-8187, or by email,